Our Services

Electrical Installations

We have mastered the art and science of electrical installations for both domestic, commercial and industrial developments. We lay claim to modern skill and efficient manpower in domestic and industrial wiring network, rural electrification, urban lighting and power generation.

Fire Security System

Our team of efficient engineers and distinguished technicians are always abreast of the development in the world of fire fighting equipment both installation and maintenance following areas in fire security system are well mastered: i. Fire Detectors ii. Fire Extinguishing System iii. Hose Reel iv. Sprinkler System


We have executed a number of communication systems which include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), PABX System, Door Access System and Digital Satellite Television System.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation

We usually supply and install required air-conditioning unit in accordance with the design or nature of the building.

Boreholes Drilling & Water Treatment

In order to meet the client's desire and solve all water related problems, we engage in drilling and installation of water treatment plant in such an efficient manner for the provision and management of appropriate water supply and sanitation.

Swimming Pool

We construct standard swimming pool for all purposes. And where specially demanded, an Olympic size could be designed and constructed within a record time and all accessories fixed. We are also capable of maintaining any kind of system constructed.


At KENOL NIG. LTD., we interpret and offer advise on a wide spectrum of engineering concerns within our chosen field of specialization as enumerated above. To mention but a few of our abilities, we are capable of offering advice from architect's design or drawing about the desirable on all Electrical, Mechanical Services in any project.


We design and consult various network piped services. Also, we conduct comprehensive assessment of existing properties in order to recommend efficient system.

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